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Optimizing today for a safer, more sustainable automotive tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our team at Induvos is powered by a simple, yet powerful idea: shaping tomorrow starts with the actions we take today. Our innovative software stems from the dedicated research efforts of Dr.-Ing. Dominik Schneider, Simon Link, and Florian Beyer. Their doctoral work at the University of Wuppertal has granted us deep insights into the optimization of crash-loaded vehicle structures – insights that set us apart and form the core of our technological offerings. Gerrit Schmidt rounds out our team, infusing a strong business perspective gained from his academic journey in business studies and experience in consultancy.

At Induvos, we are committed to introducing cutting-edge, research-driven technologies to the automotive industry. Our aim is to deliver a pivotal contribution to the optimization of crash structures, setting the standard for software in this essential field. While we ensure vehicle safety, our unique proposition lies in achieving this with reduced material use, emphasizing weight reduction without compromising safety. This focus on efficiency is what sets us apart — we’re not just maintaining safety; we’re reimagining it to be more resource-conscious.

In our mission to support the creation of innovative and sustainable vehicle designs, we are committed to countering unnecessary material consumption and advancing the automotive industry’s sustainability. We’re always on the lookout for technology gaps, ready to develop and introduce innovative, impactful CAE solutions.

Join us at Induvos on this journey toward a lighter, more sustainable future in automotive engineering, where every vehicle is a testament to optimized safety and environmental responsibility.

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