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Expert-Driven Heuristics

Our software utilizes expert-based heuristics for optimization, analyzing how a profile structure changes shape during crash simulations to suggest enhancements to its geometry. These heuristics take a comprehensive view of deformation, making our tool adaptable to a broad spectrum of optimization challenges. It includes variables such as movements, stiffness, forces, accelerations, and potential failure points.


Full-Scale Automation

Once initiated, our software ensures a fully automated optimization process, capable of delivering results for complex models in just a few days without the need for an engineer to step in. This allows for the optimization to be managed by a single engineer, minimizing the need for deep design knowledge or experience in deformation behavior analysis.


Advanced Geometry Syntax

Within our software, structure geometry is shown through a graphical representation. This unique syntax simplifies changing the geometry and checking various manufacturing constraints, like minimum gaps, allowable thicknesses, and angles. The graph also enables the description of thin-walled structures, which deform significantly better than thick-walled structures and therefore dissipate more energy in a crash in relation to their weight.


Iterative Optimization

Recognizing that a single heuristic might not surpass the insight of an experienced engineer, our optimization process encourages competition among structural designs. By activating diverse heuristics across multiple iterations for various concurrent designs, the software often generates and assesses hundreds of geometries. This approach leads to discovering superior structures compared to the limited designs produced through manual engineering.




Our software is a game-changer in vehicle development, ensuring materials are utilized with maximum efficiency. Our technology allows for significant reductions in vehicle weight, thereby cutting costs and emissions, driving the industry towards a greener, more cost-effective future.


While doing this, our software ensures compliance with rigorous safety standards by examining the deformation behavior of a vehicle in crash simulations. It identifies and corrects performance deficiencies, ensuring occupant safety in the event of a collision.


Our software guarantees that the optimized vehicle structures are viable for large-scale manufacturing. By adhering to predefined production constraints, it ensures that the optimized components can be produced without the need for extensive re-evaluation by engineers.

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What is the main goal of your software?

Our software aims to make vehicle structures more efficient and safe through advanced optimization methods, including weight reduction and ensuring crash safety.

It enables precise material optimization, contributing to vehicle weight reduction, enhancing environmental friendliness, and cost efficiency.

Yes, it is compatible with established simulation programs, adding an extra layer of analysis and improvement for vehicle crash simulations.

It analyzes vehicle deformation behavior in crashes and proposes targeted structural improvements for increased safety.

Yes, our software considers production constraints to ensure that optimized components can be manufactured on a large scale.

For electric vehicles, our software optimizes the protection of batteries by improving structures involved in accidents.

We provide training programs to facilitate users in effectively applying our software for their specific tasks.

By reducing material usage and promoting lighter yet safer vehicle structures, our software contributes to a more sustainable automotive industry.

We offer pilot projects with hands-on support to demonstrate how our software can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes.

For more information or to request a software demonstration, please contact us. We are ready to discuss your specific needs.

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